How do we add the most value? Well, it’s not by reporting historical performance.
Rather, it’s by providing guidance and financial management to maximise your future earnings.

“No-one gets lost on a straight road”, as the saying goes. We can work with you in an advisory role or as your onsite financial manager — for a day, a week, month or however long you need.

We have almost 25 years’ experience in the manufacturing, wholesaling and service industries. So, you benefit from the experience of a professional financial manager without needing to employ us full time.

 Know where you’re heading:

  • Product costing — if you know your costs, you know your profits
  • Production & financial budgeting — establish what you need to achieve your objectives
  • Financial management reporting (daily, weekly, monthly) — know, don’t guess, how you’re performing
  • Sales, administrative & production systems — maximise your employee contributions
  • Risk management — insurance, credit control & securities
  • Cash-flow management — regular projections & daily reporting

“KMCA has a wealth of knowledge & experience, which has proved to be extremely helpful in the growth of our business. Their practice is small & personal, like ours, but feels like a big business.”


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